Front Page/Regular Meeting Information

2013/10/11 (金) 01:55:14 (2496d)

Ohizumi Information

 Higasi-Ohizumi community hall(3-18-9, Higashi-Ohizumi, Nerima-KU Tokyo)

(*) Higasi-Ohizumi community hall has no parking. If you want to come by car, please use coin parking near there.

Train Directions

 Seibu Ikebukuro Line "Ohizumi Gakuen" station.(North Exit)

(*) Express and Super Express train will not stop at Ohizumi Gakuen station.
  Please get on Semi-Express or Local.

 Go out North Exit down the step, and cross at a pedestrian crossing. Turn left and follow the streat as it bends to the right. You will pass a Mc Donald's.
 Continue in that directon and cross the big intersection and a much smaller intersection. Turn right down first aley. The community center has a sign board and is the first building on the right corner passing the connecting aleyway.

Playing Fee

  • Free for Gaming Club members
  • 200 yen for Visitors

(*)Sometimes we host a special event for which everyone may need to pay.


Please bring the items you think you will use.

 Please bring everything you will use (miniatures, rulebook, tape measure, dice etc).
 And if you want, please bring some terrain for gaming.
 Or, if you wish to try a game you have never played before, please contact another member with the BBS feature to see if they will teach you the new game.

Host brings...

  • Gaming mats
  • Terrain (trees, walls, ponds, hills)

We hope to play with Gentleman.

 Please don't forget your good manner and sportsmanship.

Food and Drink

 We can eat and drink anything in the room except for alcohol.
 But please carry out your garbage.

We can play with...

  • Games Workshop
    • Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7th edition
    • Warhammer 40,000 4th edition
    • Lord of The Rings
    • Warmaster
    • Battlefleet Gothic
    • Epic Armagedon
    • Blood Bowl
    • Mordheim
  • Privateer Press
    • HORDES
  • Spaltan Games
    • Firestorm Armada
  • Dream Pod 9
    • Heavy Gear Bitz!!
  • Corvus Belli
    • Infinity
Have a fun!!